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How to Order Masks using your Digital Citizen Certificate

 Taiwan offers a smart card to adult foreign residents that can be used to verify their identity online. This allows some government services previously only available in person to be provided online, including: Tax return submission Applying for credit reports Accessing healthcare data from the NHI Requesting a police check Certificate of Entry and Exit dates from the NIA Ordering Face Masks Sounds great! However, the system relies on some ironically insecure/outdated technology, a mishmash of different browser plugins and very few support staff know about its existence. Here's a tip on how to use yours... How to Order Masks using your Digital Citizen Certificate During epidemics, Taiwan has a system where you can order surgical face masks online for delivery to your local convenience store. It's very straightforward and takes only a few minutes to order Get a Digital Citizen Certificate and set it up in your card reader Login to the eMask Ordering Syst