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Netgear GS116Ev2

The Netgear GS116Ev2 is a managed 16-port Gigabit switch with a 32Gbps backplane. If there's DHCP on the network, it will request an IP from that (look for MAC B0:7F:B9). If not, the default IP address is The default password in the web interface is "password".

How to Attend a Skype for Business Meeting on Ubuntu Linux

Skype for Business is the new name for Office 365 Lync. The Desktop Client does not work under Linux. Luckily, there's a pidgin plugin (pidgin-sipe) that works just fine for attending Skype for Business audio meetings. It involves a couple of advanced configuration tweaks. The guide below works find under 17.04 to set it up: There are also some notes on the desktop sharing client here: Once setup, to join the meeting, copy the URL from the email invite and paste it in the box under Accounts > Your Account > Join Scheduled Conference.

Philips 55PUH6002/96 Smart TV Notes

Recently (2018-03) purchased a Philips 55PUH6002/96 Smart TV, which appears to be a Taiwan-only model 55" 4K TV. It runs Android TV, but it is very locked down (eg no Google Play Store), so here are some notes on how to get various stuff working. Model: Philips 55PUH6002/96  Max resolution: 3840x2160 @ 60 CPU: ARM Cortex A53 (supports arm64) GPU: Mali-820MP4 Memory: 4GBEMMC, 1GB DDR3 Internal Storage: 2GB Android Version: 5.1.1, probably How to enable installation from unknown sources on 55PUH6002/96 Installation from unknown sources is normally hidden from view. Luckily, there is a non-invasive hack that will allow you to enable it. The PTS / 公共電視 App requires YouTube to work, which is not installed by default and can't be found in the Philips App Store. This is great, because it starts installation for it. Install the PTS / 公共電視 App from the Philips App Store When it asks to install YouTube select Yes When it complains about the package being from unknown