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How to flash Seeed Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit with Meshtastic

The Seeed Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit is an nRF52840-based LoRa® transceiver with built-in GPS, Temperature/Humidity sensor and supports solar and battery power. Unfortunately, unlike many Meshtastic devices, this board cannot be flashed using USB. Instead, you require an external device that can connect via SWDIO. Luckily, if you have a Raspberry Pi around this is surprisingly straightforward. 1. Set up Wiring Connect GPIO pin 11 on your Raspbery Pi to the CLK pin on the Wio-WM1110. Connect GPIO pin 8 on your Raspbery Pi to the DIO pin on the Wio-WM1110. Ensure you get the GPIO numbers correct. Plug in your Raspberry Pi to USB power. Plug in the Wio-WM1110 to USB for power. 2. Install OpenOCD OpenOCD is the program we'll use for communicating with the Wio-WM1110. Install it on your Raspberry Pi. $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install libtool autoconf automake texinfo telnet gdb-multiarch git $ git clone git:// $ cd openocd/ $ ./bootstrap $ ./configure --enable-bcm2835