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Taiwan's Employment Gold Card: FAQ

In February 2018, Taiwan launched an "Employment Gold Card", a combination of residence visa and work permit. Aimed to attract more high level professionals, the card has strict application requirements. This document is a collection of common questions, and hopefully: answers.

Note well: seek qualified advice directly from government authorities, licensed migration agents, lawyers and accountants. This compilation is provided on a best-effort basis by people who are neither lawyers, migration agents nor have any relationship with the government. Information could be outdated or incorrect.

Renewal & Validity
How long is a gold card valid? By default, between one and three years. If you are concerned your card (or underlying visa/work permit) may have become invalid or expired, you can check with the National Immigration Agency. Can I renew my gold card?  No. There is no renewal capability for a Gold Card. You must complete the same application process you went through …